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At Nomadic Media we strike a balance between working with clients websites and running our own, which has enabled us to develop a broad range of skills that we can apply to a wide range of tasks. We like a challenge, so if you have an interesting project you think could do with some out of the box thinking, please get in touch!

SEO Clients

Woolovers Ltd
We worked with Woolovers, an established retailer of British woolen clothing to ensure that when people searched for winter clothing, they were easy to find. As as a result Woolovers now hold top 5 and top 10 positions for important keywords such as Knitwear, Sweaters, Jumpers, Cardigans, Wool jumpers and many more, and they have seen a major increase in sales as a result.

We also worked with Woolovers to improve conversion rates on their content landing pages to maximise the benefit of their new rankings.

Web Development, E-Commerce and Marketing

Perfect Pashminas
Perfect Pashminas is an ecommerce store we built in order to gain a better understand of the field. It ranks #3rd for its key terms, pashmina and pashminas, and allows us to experiment with techniques to improve conversion rates, enhance usability and customer experience as well as to build familiarity with open source shopping carts.

Saigon Hotels
Saigon Hotels is part of a hotel network we have developed, combining widget marketing, domain name strategy and data mining in order to offer a roundup of hotel reviews from across the web, helping travellers make the best decisions in their choice of hotel.

Vietnam Travel
Vietnam Travel is in its infancy, but we have plans to become the primary destination for prospective visitors to this beautiful country.

Rectifi was our first website, established (as GiveAsYouGet) in 2002. Over the years it has developed from a custom coded CMS into a drupal powered, fully automated price comparison website, which automatically scans product feeds from our partners for new products, categorises them and compares them against prices offered by other partners, before taking the commission earned and donating it all to charity.